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Post a Shipment

The Shipments page displays all Truckloads shipments for your company. On this page, you can view and search for shipments as well as post a new shipment. You can post a single shipment manually, or you can post multiple shipments at once using the Truckloads bulk shipment upload tool. To bulk upload multiple shipments at once, see the Bulk Upload Shipments article.

Manually Post a Shipment

To manually post a single shipment, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Shipments page.
  2. Click the New Shipment button.
  3. The New Shipment page appears.
  4. Complete the Cargo Information form:
    1. Equipment – (required) use the drop-down list to select the equipment required for your shipment. For example, if you are shipping refrigerated items, select Reefer.

      Note: You can select multiple options from the Equipment drop-down list. For example, if you could use a van or a flatbed for the shipment, select both Dry Van and Flatbed.

    2. Size – (required) use the drop-down list to indicate whether your shipment requires a full or partial truckload.
    3. Description – (required) enter a brief description of your shipment. For example, you might enter “Beverage, bottled or canned” or “Household furnishings, new (packaged).”
    4. Total Weight – (required) enter the total weight of your shipment in pounds (lbs).
    5. Additional Comments – (optional) enter any additional information about the shipment that may be important to the carrier. For example, you might enter “Hazardous materials endorsement required” or “Oversized load.”
  5. Complete the Pickup and Delivery form:
    1. Pickup – (required) enter the zip code or city where pickup will occur in the Zip or city box.

      Then, enter the pickup deadline in the By date box. If needed, you can enter a time for pickup by clicking Add Time.

      Note: Time associated with pickup or delivery is local to the place entered in the Zip or City box. That is, if you enter a time for a delivery location of San Jose, California, the time entered is reflective of the Pacific Time Zone.

    2. Delivery – (optional) enter the zip code or city where delivery will occur in the Zip or city box. Then, enter the delivery deadline in the By date box. If needed, you can enter a time for delivery by clicking Add Time.

      Once you enter values in the Pickup and Delivery boxes, the Estimated Total Route box is automatically populated with the estimated distance of the trip. You can also manually edit this box. Information in the Estimated Total Route box is used to calculate information in the Rate per Mile box, which carriers can see in the Truckloads Marketplace.

      Note: The Rate per Mile field is only populated when a Target Price is entered.

  6. (Optional) Complete the Target Price form by entering a number in theTarget Price box. This number is displayed to the carrier as a starting point for negotiations.

    Once you enter a target price, the Rate per Mile box is automatically populated.

  7. Complete the Contact information for carrier form:

    Note: You can click Take data from my account to automatically populate information in the Contact information for carrier form.

    1. Name – enter your first name (required) in the First box and your last name (optional) in the Last box.
    2. Company – (required) enter the name of your company.
    3. Work phone – (required) enter a valid phone number (extension optional).
    4. Work email – (required) enter a valid email address.
  8. When complete, click the Post Shipment button.

    The shipment is created and appears in the Truckloads Marketplace.