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Filter Locations on the Map


This article will help if you want to:

  • Show or hide certain locations on the map
  • Filter out the different types of locations


There are nearly 30,000 trucking related locations on the Trucker Path app. That can be quite cluttered on a map found on a mobile device. Fear not, there is a simple way to either show or hide locations from the map on the Trucker Path app.

How to Use Trip Planner

1. Open the Trucker Path app.

2. Click the Places button at the top bottom right of the map screen.

3. You can swipe left through the locations to view more Places.

4.  If you only want to show Parking locations, click Parking Availability.

5.    Tap on the icons corresponding to the locations you want to hide from the map. Places you deselect will show as gray icons.

In this example, only Love’s locations will appear on the map.

6. If you want to show the locations on the map again, just tap the icons and they will reappear.