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Choose What Appears on the Map


This article can help you if:

  • The map appears too crowded, and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.
  • You only want to see certain stops near you or on your route.


You can select which types of pins appear on the map and leave others off. That way, when you view the map, it only displays pins that are relevant to you.

How to choose which pins appear on the map

  1. On the map screen, tap the pin button (shown in blue rectangle below).

  1. A menu appears displaying all available pins. Tap the desired pins to make them appear or disappear from the map. Selected pins appear in full color in the menu. Removed pins appear faded in the menu. In the example below, the user only wants to see independent truck stops – no big brands.

  1. Once you have made your selection, tap Hide or tap anywhere on the map to close the menu. Your preferences will be saved.