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Trip Planner


This article will help if you:

  • Want to Plan a Trip
  • Filter locations to appear or hide on the map
  • Switch from Trip Planner to Map view


Between HOS rules, ELDs, overcrowded truck stops, and dock time restrictions, planning ahead is a must in order for truck drivers to be successful. That’s why using our Trip Planning feature can help you save precious time by planning your route ahead of time.

How to Use Trip Planner

1. Open the Trucker Path app

2. To plan a trip, click the  “diamond with the arrow” on the bottom left

3.  Fill out your origin and destination, then click ROUTE

4.  Click the Places icon on the bottom right to filter out which locations you want to appear on the map

5.    Click the icons of locations to deselect them and hide them from the map

6. To exit Trip Planner and return to the Home Map Screen, click the arrow at the top left