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ELD installation instructions


1. DO NOT pair Bluetooth in your phone/tablet settings. The connection will be established in the HOS app.
However, if your phone/tablet prompts you or asks you for permission to turn on Bluetooth, you need to do that since Bluetooth is needed for the device to communicate with the app.

2. First, plug the device into the vehicle port, BEFORE turning on the vehicle and BEFORE running the HOS app.

3. You should see a slow flashing green LED, indicating that the device is powered. You should also see a flashing red LED, indicating that the internal GPS is in acquisition mode. A solid red LED indicates that the signal is locked, but you can proceed to the next step without waiting for GPS lock.

4. Turn on the vehicle engine.

5. You should see a fast flashing green LED, indicating that vehicle bus activity has been detected.

6. After the green LED becomes solid, the device is registered on the vehicle bus and you can run the HOS app. Note: the red LED might wash out much of the green LED color since they share the same window.

7. From this point on, the device will have and retain the information it needs, such as VIN, to communicate with the app via Bluetooth Low Energy. Note that for power management reasons, sometimes the LEDs will not stay on.

8. For software setup, follow instructions in the HOS app or installation guide that comes with it.